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You are here because you want MORE CUSTOMERS,  MORE SALES, MORE ROI and you’re ready to SCALE YOUR BUSINESS.


Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

 Targeted Positioning + Creative Media + Converting Funnel for Effective Facebook Ads 

We provide Digital Marketing Strategies designed especially to meet your goals.  

It’s time to grow your ecommerce online store and make more money, increase your ROI and build up your clientale of loyal customers who return again and again for your amazing products!  

You’re in the right place if you want



Right now you’re feeling overwhelmed and looking to partner with an agency that can be your Chief Marketing Officer.



You dream of a day when your online store has an endless supply of customers who can’t get enough of your brand!


You’re ready to take your business to the next level and ready to invest in marketing to help you reach your goals.

Here is how we can help!

We help brands grow using Facebook ads and sales funnels to  increase sales, stand out from the competition make an impact, and regain valuable time to focus on the things that make you and your family happy!

Our number 1 priority is your business! 

We help our clients uplevel their business quickly by implementing a streamlined process as follows: 

Step 01

Before we even start running ads, we make sure your website, funnel or Shopify site is optimized to receive the best possible results.

Step 02

We methodically test audience, messaging and products to limit bottlenecks early in the campaign.

Step 03

Our team works hard to build a relationship with your audience to ensure we are sending you an endless supply of customers who keep coming back for more!

Step 04

Our motto is no potential customer left behind. We layer your marketing with various retargeting and email marketing campaigns to ensure we get all potential customers.

Step 05

Throughout the entire campaign, we monitor daily to ensure we can tweak and optmize ads for best possible ROI for your bottom.


Step 06

We create campaigns to keep your current customers happy and coming back to purchase from you time and time again.

Happy Customers.

"I loved working with Kimaaya! It was my first experience and I have to say that I found her approach professional and efficient. The end result is a classy one that fully represents me as an artist and brand. I would definitely recommend her to others!"

Vanessa Mulder, Jazz Musician 

"Efficient, effective, positive, productive, and above all, she was a high-quality liaison with the various associations, institutions, and partner companies with which we worked. Fellow executives and their assistants would constantly comment on how much they enjoyed interacting/working with Kim. I would hire her again in a heartbeat – just consider this the highest possible recommendation!"

Mark Milliron, Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer, Civitas

"In the time we worked together at SAS, Kim demonstrated a dedicated work ethic, tremendous attention to detail in creativity and flexibility in addressing several key functions. I was impressed with Kim's ability to embrace learning new and complex digital advertising technology. Kim would be a valuable asset to any organization or project."

Larry Sarzyniak, Digital Marketing Sales Manager

"Kimaaya is driven, dependable and creative. She excelled at helping us identify and diagnose problems. In short, Kimaaya is awesome."

Ryan Treichler, SAS Institute

It's easy to work with Kimaaya. Even though we are miles away, she has introduced us to various online platforms where we can share information, engage on a daily basis to tackle all concerns and tasks. Kimaaya is pleasant, always reachable, reliable and efficient. . . . She continues to provide excellent support. Her work has been a major factor in our success, helping us to increase traffic flow and in return increased our bookings and visits. I can confidently recommend Kimaaya to those who are looking for someone to optimize their business through the use of a website and social media."

Tina Heinel-Kassardjian, Hillburi

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